28 Lot Subdivision 'Bracken Arms', Dryden Road

Squamish, BC

Detailed design of municipal services for a unique 28-Lot subdivision set around a sensitive wetland park which flows into Dryden Creek, a fish bearing watercourse. This development was based on Smart Growth and Sustainability Design principles and has many Low Impact Development (LID) design elements to limit the impact of rainwater runoff on the wetland habitat and downstream storm sewer system.

  The intensive storm water management met the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Design Guidelines with narrower pavement and the use of bio-swales and rain garden infiltration systems within the municipal right-of-way. In addition, on-lot infiltration rain gardens were installed on each of the lots to mitigate the peak storm flows from the impervious surfaces such as the buildings and driveways. The intent of the proposed stormwater management works is to mimic as closely as possible the natural movement of the storm water at the site in its native state. The design concepts were innovative at the time for the municipality and required extensive development variance application, public meetings and rigorous review by the municipality and consultants.

Binnie's responsibilities consisted of survey, detailed design and construction review services. The site servicing included 560m of new road complete with concrete curb and gutter, concrete sidewalk, 330m of sanitary sewer, 380m of water main, 290m storm sewer and rain gardens and street lighting.