Outlook Townhomes at Decair Street

Coquitlam, BC

In 2004, the Boffo Construction Group retained Binnie to design the roads and services, and the siltation control program for the 31 mountain-style townhomes constructed on a steep and challenging site in City of Coquitlam.

Due to its steep terrain, Binnie constructed a Sierra Slopes Retention System on the downhill side of the development. This system enabled the developer to maximize the usable land and stabilize the previously undevelopable areas for the development. When fully vegetated, the slopes of this stair-stepped structure will blend in with the natural terrain, enhancing the appearance and value of the development.

On the uphill side of the development, Binnie built a decorative shotcrete retaining wall at the back of a number of the townhomes. Above the shotcrete wall the existing embankment disturbed by the construction was restored and revegetated to its natural environment.