Spirit Trail

West Vancouver, BC

Spirit Trail Phase One is about 6 kilometres long and connects the Capilano River Bridge with Ambleside Park behind Park Royal Shopping Centre. It begins at the west end of the existing Capilano River Bridge and follows the existing road down the bridge ramp, through the improved paved parking lot, and continues west along the back of the road behind Park Royal Mall. 

It then follows the existing Capilano River Trail to the crossing underneath the existing CN Railway Bridge at the Capilano River seawall.  Phase One carries on west on the south side of the CN railway and along the Ambleside Park Road to Pound Road.

The Trail has a four metre-wide paved surface with gravel shoulders, landscaping, signage, and LED pedestrian lighting on the North side. A split rail cedar fence has been built alongside the trail to assist with keeping dogs and people on the Trail and maintaining natural spaces, thereby respecting Squamish Nation Lands. Pedestrian/cyclist marking symbols are placed on the asphalt as a reminder to users that the pathway is to be shared. Binnie prepared a field survey and engineering design for two separate segments of the proposed Phase 1 routing.